NOTO Paris - Salle Pleyel

Less than a year after the magisterial reopening of Salle Pleyel, NOTO Paris moved upstairs to the legendary establishment of rue du Faubourg St Honoré. It is therefore at the crossroads of history and modernity, in one of the most beautiful showcases in Paris, the Salle Pleyel - totally renovated to welcome on stage the legends of yesterday and today (from Jamiroquai to Alain Chamfort, from Imany to Status Quo) - that the Noto restaurant is born, under the best auspices of the Roman gods who bless the creation of the new jewels of the Mediterranean. In tribute to a cuisine of the sun, contrasts, tastes and flavors of Sicily and Italy, with its inspirations as colorful as tasty, Noto is an invitation to discover the South, to share , to travel, to savor.


Noto was designed through images of Visconti's famous "Cheetah" in the chic of a New York Ciprani, while retaining the Art-Déco hallmark of the Salle Pleyel. The interiors are mostly made of marble but also brilliant walnut, brass and noble fabrics: an eclecticism integrating elements with "classical" elegance without preventing some fanciful details in a nod to the late Baroque who dresses the facades and balconies of Old Noto's palaces. Thick carpet with Moorish lines, papillae and prints evoking a landscape of the Levant, Laura Gonzalez, as usual, does not enclose in any style and signs this new place with personality.

Mediterranean roots

Our Sicilian chef takes you into traditional Italian cuisine where the great classics are the order of the day: culatello di Zibello, artichoke & parmesan salad, vitello tonato, burratina, linguine with butargue, sardines or white truffle, risotto with asparagus, tiramisu with pistachios ... A cuisine that offers the best of the terroirs of Italy. Noto Paris is also proud to introduce you to the ORO Sangue - a wine produced by Carole Bouquet, on her Island of Pantelleria between Sicily and Tunisia.